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fight for funding

Under Connecticut public financing laws, minor parties must petition a certain percentage of the previous cycle's vote in order to receive money. Thanks to our previous candidate's hard work, I already have ballot access. Our next step will be petitioning the good people of Waterford and Montville for signatures and small donations to qualify for a partial or full grant. I know, it gets pretty complicated pretty quickly. Here's a breakdown of what we need to do to have a fair shake for this election:

1. Collect $5000 from CT residents, in amounts between $5 and $100.

  • 150 of the donations must come from Waterford or Montville residents.
  • Individuals can only donate up to $100 for the donation to be "qualifying".

2. Collect 1,800 signatures for full funding ($28,150)

  • The Democrat and Republican candidates will automatically receive this amount if they apply and qualify for the grant. No petitioning required.
  • There are two partial grants available as well. A "15% grant" and a "10% grant". 
  • The 15% grant requires about 1,400 signatures to receive $18,776.
  • The 10% grant requires about 900 signatures to receive $9,383.

There are number of ways to help! Donations in small sums, signing a petition, and spreading the word will all help increase our democracy. The more voices are heard, the more choices we have. Thank you.

Officially Nominated!

On Sunday, May 15 Ms. Lauren Shaw was officially nominated by the Waterford Green Party for General Assembly District 38. Ms. Shaw would like to extend her gratitude for all of the support shown, and is excited to begin working on her message of innovation and no-nonsense politics to create better opportunities for residents today, and in the future. 


Representing the Future

Candidate Lauren Shaw

Working for waterford and montville